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In-Depth Review in 2024: Topaz Video Enhance AI and Alternatives

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Post on: May 24, 2024
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"Is Topaz Video Enhance AI worth it?" - Scott Hall

Videos play a vital role in promotion, advertising, and education. The quality of the video is a key factor to success. Thankfully, with the help of AI, the stunning video convent creation becomes a breeze. An AI-driven video enhancer helps creators to produce high-quality and compelling videos effortlessly, engaging engagement and boosting conversion rates.

With numerous video quality enhancing software available, it is difficult to find a right one. Topaz Video Enhance AI (Topaz Video AI) stands out among these software because of its professional functionality. The purpose of this article is to provide an in-depth review of Topaz Video Enhance AI, examining its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the optimal use of the software. Additionally, it will present an alternative to Topaz Video Enhance AI that offers comparable functionality.

topaz video enhance ai review

problemPart 1: What is Topaz Video Enhance AI

Topaz Video Enhance AI, now called Topaz Video AI, is one of the most popular AI-powered video enhancement software in the market. Utilizing the cutting-edge technology and continuously updating AI models, it enables users to enhance the quality of different kinds of videos, including old blurry home videos, classic low-res movies, shaky videos with ease. Intuitive interface and automated processing make it a go to solution for videographers, vloggers, film producers, movie enthusiasts.

RecommendedPart 2: Key Features of Topaz Video Enhance AI

In this part, let's get an overview of main features of Topaz Video Enhance AI.

1. Upscale video to 16K

Leveraging the ultra upscaling technology, Topaz Video Enhance AI is capable of upscaling videos from 480P, 720P, 1080P to 4K, 8K, even up to 16k without sacrificing the quality. It significantly increases the resolution of the videos while maintaining the original details.

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upscale video 16k

2. Denoise Videos

The Nyx model of Topaz Video Enhance AI is specially designed to fix grainy videos by removing noise from videos with high ISO settings. It allows users to raise the slider of "Recover detail" to increase the restoring amount of the original details.

denoise video

3. Beautify Portraits in Videos

For vloggers, creating and sharing a visually-appealing portrait video on the social media platforms takes a crucial role in attracting the viewers' attention and boost followers. The Iris model comes in handy to help users to beautify portraits in videos. Equipped with advanced face recognition technology, it can precisely recognize and enhance the facial details, achieving crystal clear results.

face recovery result

4. Create Slow-motion Videos

The "Frame Interpolation" model is used to generate a fluid and smooth video. Based on machine learning, it automatically analyzes the movement of people and objects, and recognizes where need to place a keyframe, the puts the keyframe. This model assists users in creating slow-motion videos and enhancing the video quality. The most impressive part is that it can result in a slow-motion video with 16X fps interpolation.

slow motion topaz

5. Stabilize Videos

The "Stabilization" model aims to stablize shaky videos captured with camera, drone, mobile phone. It provides users with 2 ways(Full-Frame, Auto-Crop) to get rid of shaky issue caused by the fast camera movement or tilting motion. The Full-Frame option helps users to maintain the original resolution but leads to blurry outcome. The Auto-Crop option will generate sharper video but decrease the resolution.

stabilize video

RecommendedPart 3: Pros and Cons of Topaz Video AI

Here are the pros and cons of Topaz Video AI. Please carefully review and consider before making a purchase.

Pros of Topaz Video Enhance AI

  • Clean Interface, User-friendly for Beginners
    Topaz Video AI comes with a simple interface and layout, making it easier to navigate and use.
  • Three Preview Modes are Available
    It offers users 3 optional preview modes, including single view, split view and side-by-side view to check the before and after results.
  • Multiple AI Models are Offered to Fulfill Different Needs
    Various AI models (Enhancement, Frame Interpolation, Stabilization, Motion Deblur) are available to enhance all kinds of videos.
  • Built-in Video Editing Tools
    It provides users with some basic video editing tools, including trimming videos, cropping videos, applying the grain effects to videos.
  • Third-party Adobe After Effects and DaVinci Resolve Plugins
    It is integrated with the Adobe After Effects and DaVinci Resolve, giving users seamless video editing experience.
  • Compatible with Windows PC and macOS Computer
    Cross-platforms are supported, it works pretty well on both Windows PC and macOS computer. User can select the proper version to download and use.
  • Stable Performance, Less Crash Issues Occur
    Thanks to the professional development teams and regular updates, it performs reliably and stably, reducing the crash problems.

Cons of Topaz Video AI

While Topaz Video Enhance AI is a powerful tool for enhancing videos, it does have some drawbacks to consider:

  • Need to Pay to Get Rid of Watermark
    The video will be exported with watermark under the free trial mode.
  • One-time Purchase and High Price
    Topaz Video AI is a one-time purchase costing around $299, which can be a significant investment compared to subscription-based models or free alternatives.
  • Higher System Requirements for the Computer
    To enhance videos smoothly and fast, it requires relatively higher system for the computer.
  • Limited Improvement on Very Low-Quality Videos
    While Topaz Video AI can significantly improve video quality, it may not work wonders on extremely low-quality or heavily damaged videos. The results might be underwhelming in such cases.
  • Professional Knowledge or Learning Curve Required
    While the interface is generally user-friendly, there are various settings and options to explore. It may require some time and effort to learn to get the most out of the software.

problemPart 4: How to Use Topaz Video AI

Now, just explore the simple steps on how to use Topaz Video AI.

Step 1. Launch Topaz Video AI on your computer.

topaz video enhance ai main interface

Step 2. Go to "File" > "Import..." to upload one or multiple videos to it.

You can also add videos to the program by clicking the "Browse Videos" button or directly dragging and dropping videos.

import video

Step 3. Choose an AI model according to your preference.

And then configure the output settings, such as resolution, cropping setting, frame rate, format.

Tips: You are able to do some video editing works, like trimming, cropping.

enhance video

Step 4. Click the "Preview" button and choose a preview mode to view the video enhancing effect. If you are happy with the result, click the "Export" button to save the video to your computer.

preview effect

RecommendedBonus: Best Topaz Video AI Alternative - AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

Topaz Labs Video AI is suitable for users who can justify the cost and have the necessary processing power, or are willing to invest some time in learning the software. If you are on a limited budget and looking for short-term use, then don't miss AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI.

Delivering the same or better results and more customization options, AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is the best alternative to Topaz Labs.

  • Multiple pricing options: AVCLabs provides three subscription options—monthly, yearly, and lifetime—starting at $39.95 for the monthly plan. The Basic tier offers comprehensive features at a budget-friendly rate, making it suitable for individuals who edit videos as a hobby or for short-term use.
  • Feature-rich: AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI includes functionalities like video noise reduction, upscaling resolutions from SD to HD, FHD, 4K, 8K, sharpening faces in video, colorizing black and white videos, creating slow-motion effects, and cropping for social media platforms.
  • Color correction tools: AVCLabs llows users to adjust video brightness, saturation, and contrast.
  • Performance boost: It also supports GPU acceleration for faster processing.

More Features about AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

  • Enhance the video quality automatically.
  • Change the video aspect ration to 9:16, 4:3,. etc.
  • Upscale videos from SD to HD, HD to 4K.
  • Adjust brightness, saturation, contrast of a video.
  • Convert video to 60, 90 and even 120 FPS.
  • Sharpen faces from blurry video.
  • Colorize B&W videos to make revive again.
  • Support GPU & TensorRT acceleration.
video enhancer ai

How to Use AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

Step 1 Install and Run AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI

Download and install the AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI on your Windows PC or Mac, then launch it.

main interface

Step 2Import One or Multiple Videos

Import the video file to the program by dragging & dropping or clicking the Browse button.

add video

Step 3Select the Processing AI Feature and Set the Output Parameters

Now, you need to choose the processing model, output resolution, output format and output path.

In the right panel of the program, you are able to choose a preferred AI model.

choose the ai feature

You are also allowed to unfold the output preset and adjust the output resolution to 200%, 400%, SD, HD, 4K UHD, 4K, and 8K.

set output

Step 4Start Enhancing the Video Automatically

After configuring all the settings, simply click the Start Processing button to start enhancing the video quality.

Once the video rendering process is done, you can click the Open Output Video button to check the result.


Recommended6. FAQs about Topaz Video Enhance AI

Let's take a look at the frequently asked questions about Topaz Video AI:

What are the differences between Topaz Video AI and Topaz Video Enhance AI?

Topaz Video Enhance AI is the previous version of Topaz Video AI. Starting with V3.0.0, the name changes from Topaz Video Enhance AI to Topaz Video AI. Topaz Video AI optimizes and changes the interface to a brand new one and adds more models.

Is Topaz Video Enhance AI free?

Topaz Video Enhance AI is not free, you have to pay for it to use its full features. The output video under the free mode will be covered with watermark.

How much is Topaz Video Enhance AI?

$299 for a one-time purchase and one year of unlimited upgrades. No subscription required.

Is TopazLabs AI video enhancer worth it?

Topaz Labs AI Video Enhancer is a worthwhile investment for users who can justify the cost and possess the necessary processing power. Alternatively, for those with limited budgets or casual users seeking short-term solutions for specific projects, AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is a suitable option.

Is it safe and legal to use Topaz Video Enhance AI crack?

Using Topaz Video Enhance AI crack is neither safe nor legal. Here are some reasons:

  • Legal Issues: Using cracked software violates the copyright laws.
  • Security Risks: The cracked software are often from unverified sources and might come with malware, virus, ads, which are the potential threats to the computer and personal data.
  • Lack of Updates and Support: The licensed software users will get regular updates, professional customer support, while the cracked software users will not enjoy all of these official support.
  • Performance and Reliability Issues: As the cracked version does not have access to updates and technical support, it will not be as stable and reliable as the licensed version.

Tips: for a safe, legal and reliable performance, it is recommended to use the licensed version of Topaz Video Enhance AI.


In conclusion, Topaz Video Enhance AI is a versatile and innovative video enhancement tool. Super upscaling capability, accurate face recovery, fantastic video quality improvement, frame interpolation, real-time preview modes, and more makes it an ideal choice for video content creators, filmmakers. The results are worth it. Like other software, it has some drawbacks. It provides users with a one-time purchase and the price is too high for casual users. AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI is a budget-friendly tool that has similar functions with Topaz Video Enhance AI. It offers users three pricing plans: monthly plan, annual plan, and perpetual plan. Users can select a desired plan based on their budget and usage frequency.

Whether you are willing to create professional videos or enhancing personal homemade videos, Topaz Video Enhance AI and AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI are worth considering. Simply choose the one that is most suitable for you. Should you have any questions about Topaz Video Enhance AI, you can switch to the FAQs sections to find the answers.

Try AVCLabs Video Enhancer AI to breathe new life into your footage!