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fix old blurry photos

AI Image Upscale: Upscale Images to 4K without Quality Loss

Have trouble with enlarging low-resolution images for printing or other usage? Simply upscaling an image to 4K or a higher resolution often results in pixelation and blurriness.

Based on Artificial Intelligence, this Image Upscaler enables users to enlarge images to 200%, 300%, and 400% of their original size naturally without losing quality. It preserves image clarity, ensuring that your prints retain their quality, even when scaled up to 4K.

Auto Photo Enhance: Recover Blurry Images and Convert to HD Quality

With constantly training AI photo enhancement algorithms, AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI helps users enhance blurry and low-quality photos intelligently with just a few clicks and in batches. It works to analyze and enhance each pixel, bringing out details and converting blurry images to HD quality.

From landscapes to still lives, portraits, and more types, this AI photo enhancer caters to all your image enhancement needs.

enhance the video quality
enhance portait photos

Old Image Restoration: Colorize and Convert B&W Images to Higher Resolution

Old photos that preserve cherished moments and stories from the past often exist in black and white, with resolutions that fall short of modern standards. AVCLabs Photo Enhancer, powered by Deep Convolutional Neural Network, can automatically and naturally colorize old, black-and-white pictures of family, historical figures, ancestors, films, and more.

But that’s not all, after the colorization, you can upscale and convert images into higher resolution while preserving every intricate detail with unparalleled clarity.

AI Image Denoise: Auto Remove Image Noise and Recover Details

Image noise is a ubiquitous challenge, often stemming from factors like low lighting conditions, high ISO settings, etc. Whether graininess in low-light shots or unwanted artifacts in digital images, noise can detract from your photos' overall quality and clarity.

AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI, based on a fast and flexible denoising convolutional neural network, can accurately distinguish between true image detail and noise after a long learning process from millions of images. It's handy for removing artifacts with a single click, restoring HD quality.

colorize old photo
enlarge video resolution

Automatically Remove Image Background with High Accuracy and Quality

Removing image backgrounds usually requires specialized tools and experience. However, the task is now simpler than ever with the AI Photo BG Remover.

Utilizing cutting-edge neural algorithms, it can automatically remove the image background with just one click, ensuring high accuracy and preserving details at the subject edges. The background is made transparent, allowing for seamless further editing. No advanced Photoshop skills are needed, and the original image quality remains intact throughout the process.

Why Choose AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI

upscale photos
Deblur and Upscale images

Upscale low-resolution photos to high definition and increase image resolution in a natural way. Get crisp and clear results with fully automated processing.

ai training and learning
Training and Learning

Powered by AI technology, it reduces noise and sharpens details, producing better quality images with the details kept through the use of powerful algorithms.

batch processing
Support Batch Processing

The batch processing feature of our AI Photo Enhancer is capable of automatically enhancing multiple photos all at once in a fast way. You don't need to edit them one at a time.

How to Use Photo Enhancer AI

Step 1. Launch AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI

Launch AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI and you will enter the main window of the program shown as below.

Step 2. Import Photos

Click the "Browse" button in the middle of the application to add photos to the program.

Step 3. Select the Processing Models and Photo Scale

In the upper-right panel of the application, you can choose the AI Model and photo scale you prefer.

Step 4. Start Processing Images

Before enhancing the images, you can crop the wanted part to saving processing time. Finally, click the "Save All" button to fix the blurry photos.

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AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI

Best Photo Enhancer to Improve Photo Quality Losslessly and Automatically

Frequently Asked Questions about AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI

1. What can AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI do to improve the photo quality?

AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI is an AI-based photo enhancer software to enhance and improve photo quality. It applies AI technology and uses the AI model to process the photo automatically and intelligently. It can reduce digital noise, corrects poor color, white balance, and sharpness, fixes the dark corners problem. It helps you to achieve natural color rendition, high detail, and optimum illuminate level. This photo enhancer AI program calculates where contour, shadows, and highlights should be, restoring definition that is often lost through the digital imaging process. And it also enables users to enlarge the photos, images without quality loss. It supports up-scaling photos to 200%, 300%, and 400% of the original size. The interface of the program is user-friendly. Using it is easy and comfortable. With one click you will achieve the results you wanted. AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI is an easy-to-use photo enhancement AI software, which provides a quick and easy way to improve the quality of your photos.

2. What is the computer requirement for AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI?

It is supported by most Windows and Mac computers.
The requirement for Windows: 1. Windows 11/10, 64-bit system. 2. More than 3.2G free space on your system disc.
The requirement for Mac: 1. macOS 12 and above. 2. More than 8G free space on your system disc.
For more details about the hardware requirement for AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI, you can refer to the reference page.

3. Is it safe to use Photo Enhancer AI to upload and process my photos?

For protecting your privacy, all uploaded photos will be cleared automatically. We will never use photos for other purposes and share them with others.

4. What's the requirement if I choose "Upscale" as an AI model?

If you choose "Upscale" as the AI model, more memory of your computer will be taken. Before starting, you can check the requirements:
For computers with 16G memory, maximumly the program supports upscaling 18M pixel photos by 4 times, upscaling 72M pixel photos by 2 times.
For computers with 8G memory, maximumly the program supports upscaling 8M pixel photos by 4 times, upscaling 32M pixel photos by 2 times.
Reference: Pixels=width x height. For example: 8M pixel=4000x2000

5. What kind of images can be uploaded?

You can upload any image in JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, JFIF, WEBP format.

6. Can I use photo Enhancer AI on another computer?

Yes, you need to deauthorize and uninstall it from the former computer. Then reinstall and authorize it on the new machine.

7. What's the hardware requirement if I want to use the Face Refinement feature?

At least 4GB GPU memory, 6GB or above is recommended.

8. What if AVCLabs Photo Enhancer AI is not working properly on my computer?

You should manually install vc_redist.x64.exe in the installation path of the program.

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