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How to Add Text to Video On CapCut- Updated PC Tutorial

Originally designed with a primary focus on editing TikTok videos, CapCut quickly gained traction for its user-friendly interface and a wide array of features for video editing, including cutting and incorporating various effects. Over time, its desktop version has undergone continuous improvements, making it a popular choice among PC users. A fundamental aspect of video editing is adding text to convey essential messages to viewers. This guide will briefly walk you through the seamless process of adding text to your videos using CapCut, offering tips on enhancing the visual appeal of the added text.

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how to add text on capcut

recommend Part 1: How to Add Text to Video On Capcut?

Step 1
Create New Project

Install CapCut and launch it. Signing in or not will not impact the editing process significantly. But if you want to favorite some effects in CapCut or directly share the edited video on TikTok, it's advisable to log in. Once in the application, initiate a new project.

create new project
Step 2
Import Video Footage

Navigate to the Media section and click the "Import" button to upload your video source files. Then drag the video clip to the main track.

import video
Step 3
Add Text Overlay

Go to the Text section and choose either the Default or Presets option. Click Add Default text to track and type your desired text into the text box.

Adjust the text font, size, color, and opacity to match your video's aesthetic.

Modify the text duration by dragging the edges. You can include as many text layers as needed.

add text

At this point, you've mastered the fundamental steps of adding text. The subsequent instructions will focus on enhancing the visual appeal of the added text.

Tip 1: If you find selecting fonts and colors time-consuming, explore pre-programmed presets in Effects and Text Templates, offering a diverse range of styles. Some presets are free, while others require a pro subscription.

capcut effect and templates

Tip 2: To achieve a more natural and seamless appearance of text appearing or disappearing in the video, utilize inbound and outbound animations in the Animation section.


problem Part 2: How to Add Text Behind the Object in CapCut?

The method outlined in the first part provides a fundamental approach to adding text on top of the video layer. However, this method may cover people or objects in the video. To address this, the following steps explain how to place text below people or objects in the video without obscuring them.

Step 1
Add Text to the Video

Follow the same steps in Part 1: add text, customize the font, colors, size, and set the in and out animation.

Step 2
Create the Compound Clip

Method 1: Hold the Ctrl key and click both the text and video tracks to select them simultaneously. Right-click to create a compound clip.

create compound clip

Then add the original video to the track above the compound clip.

add video above the compound clip

Method 2: Alternatively, you can choose not to create a compound clip for flexible text layer editing. Click on any blank area of the track to access video details. Click the Modify button and enable the Free Layer option.

turn on free layer

When adding the original video, ensure it is placed above the text layer. Enabling the Free Layer option allows you to freely arrange the layer position; otherwise, the text track defaults to being on the video track.

add original video
Step 3
Cut Out the Obscured Person or Object

Click the video added in step 2 and go to the Video-Cutout section.

For people: Use the Auto Cutout option, available only for human figures.

cutout people

For objects: If dealing with objects, opt for the Customized cutout, requiring a Pro subscription. Use the Smart Brush tool to cover the object you want to cut out.

cutout object
Step 4
Preview and Output the Video

Now, preview and output the video with the text positioned behind the people or objects, eliminating covering issues.

1). People

preview people

2). Object

preview object

recommendPart 3: How to Automatically Add Script to Video On CapCut?

Adding the script to a video is another significant function of incorporating text. Rather than manually inputting subtitles sentence by sentence, CapCut offers the convenience of automatically breaking and adding subtitles by recognizing the audio file, significantly improving efficiency. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Import both the video and audio files onto the timeline.

Step 2: Navigate to the Text section and choose Auto captions. Select the appropriate language and click Create.

Step 3: Wait for a moment. Once the analysis is complete you will see that all the subtitles have been added corresponding to where the audio appears and the blanks have been removed.

Step 4: Adjust the caption style according to your preferences.

auto caption

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Adding text to a video on CapCut is a straightforward process, but the key lies in making it visually appealing. This article aims to guide you not only through the fundamental skill of adding text but also introduces an advanced text effect—placing text behind an object. Additionally, it provides a quick tutorial on adding captions efficiently using CapCut. The intention is to offer a comprehensive understanding of how to enhance the attractiveness of text in your videos. Hope this information proves helpful to you.

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