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Craft Your Disney Adventure: 6 Best AI Disney Character Generators Online

"What is the best tool that makes Disney characters? How do you turn yourself into a Disney character? Thanks." - Larry Gilbert

Every Disney enthusiast has been dreamt of becoming a Disney prince or princess when watching Disney movies or cartoons. Thanks to the AI technology, the Disney dreams come true. A list of 6 best AI Disney Character generators will be introduced in this article. Read on to explore the magic world.

disney character generator

problemPart 1: What Is an AI Disney Character Generator

An AI Disney character generator leverages the artificial intelligence technology to automatically generate a Disney style image based on the text description or an image.

Generally, there are two types of Disney character generators on the market: text-to-image generator and image-to-image generator.

recommend Part 2: 6 Best AI Disney Character Generators

After understanding the definition of an AI Disney character generator, let's delve to the next part. In this section, we would like to show you a collection of 6 best AI Disney character generators. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Simply choose the suitable one that fits your need.

1. Fotor Disney Character Generator

Fotor is an all-in-one video, photo editing, and AI content generator platform. AI Disney Character Generator is one of its most popular features. This amazing tool offers users two ways to make Disney characters: text to image and image to image.

The text to image generator option enables users to enter description in the prompt box, select a style, AI model, aspect ratio. and themes (Disney is recommended), Fotor will create a good-looking Disney character based on the description. The image to image generator option gives user another choice to turn the portrait or selfie to a Disney character. Simply upload a photo to it, and choose a style, a vivid result will be generated within seconds.

After the Disney character generation process is completed, users can directly share the Disney character to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn by clicking the "Share" icon.

fotor text to disney character generator
fotor image to disney character generator


Provide flexible ways to generate Disney characters

Various options are available to customize the style, aspect ratio

Allow user to share the Disney characters to social media platforms

Offer users free credits to test the full features

The free version supports downloading the outcome without watermark


Need to upgrade to the Pro version to unlock the advanced features, like AI batch editing

2. Getimg Disney Pixar AI Generator

Like Fotor, Getimg Disney Pixar AI Generator provides users with two option to create Disney characters. Users are able to generate a Disney character from text or directly apply Disney filters to an image. Two AI-powered Disney pixar-based models: Classic Disney Diffusion and Modern Disney Diffusion are available for users to make the imagination come true. It also lets users customize the aspect ratio before generating characters.

Moreover, it also gives users the ability to further edit the completed Disney character, like converting it to a video, upscaling its resolution, restyling, replacing elements, removing the background, erasing objects, enhancing the face, etc. Once the creation is done, simply hit the "Share" button to post it to social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest.

getimg ai disney character generator


Two dedicated Disney pixar-based models are offered

100 images are generated per month for free, no credit cards required

Support creating Disney characters from text or images

Generate 4 images simultaneously and export the images without watermark

Support directly sharing the generated Disney characters to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest


Need to subscribe a paid plan to generate up to 10 images at a time

3. LightX AI Disney Character Generator

LightX AI Disney Character Generator is another useful tool for users to convert an image to the Disney character. Users just need to upload an in-focus image in PNG or JPG format, choose a style from the pre-designed style library or enter the text prompt describing the details, then click the "Generate More" button, finally a Disney character will be created.

Users are allowed to directly open the generated image in the built-in photo editor to refine or recreate it. Light adjustment, background removal, cropping, resizing, objects replacement, blurring and more can be done through the powerful photo editor.

lightx ai disney character generator


Easy to use

Packed with a photo editor, allowing users to fine tune the generated Disney character

Extensive styles are provided

Apart from the online tool, LightX AI offers users a Disney Character Generator app works on Android and iOS device


An upgraded plan is required to get rid of the watermark and ads

Lack some commonly used aspect ratio: 16:9, 9:16

4. VEED.io Disney Character Generator

VEED.io Disney Character Generator is a simple tool that helps users to create Disney characters from text. Disney characters can be generated in simple three steps. Type words about what you want in the text prompt and choose the output resolution, then press the "Generate" button. After completing the creation, user can download the generated character or copy the link for sharing, even edit it by clicking the "Open in Editor" option.

veedio ai disney character generator


User-friendly for beginners

Support setting the output resolution

Come with an editing tool for users to edit the generated image


Limited output settings

The free version exports the generated Disney character with watermark

5. AnimeGenius Disney Pixar AI Generator

AnimeGenius comes with a lot of free AI tools, including AI Character Generator, Studio Ghibli AI Generator, GenShine AI Art Generator, etc. Disney Pixar AI Generator stands out among these tools. It helps users to transform the text to fantastic Disney character.

Users just need to input the words in the prompt box to describe the image they want and choose the AI model, output ratio, resolution. What's more, user can get suggested detailed prompts through hitting the "Enhance" button and entering key words. After completing the settings, click the "Generate" option to move on. A stunning Disney character will be generated within seconds. User can free download it to the computer or convert the generated image to an animation by clicking the "Animate It" button on the image.

animegenius disney pixar ai generator


Users will get 50 free credits after signing up the website

Allow users to configure the output settings, such as aspect ratio, resolution

Multiple models are available

Support directly converting the generated Disney character to an animation

Users can download the generated result without watermark under the free version


The free version supports generating one image at a time only

Users need to upgrade to the premium version to speed up the generation process

6. OpenArt AI Disney Character Generator

OpenArt AI Disney Character Generator is an easy to use web-based text to image generation tool. It enables users to generate enchanting Disney characters by typing the description prompt or customizing the pre-designed template. After entering and enhancing the prompt, user can upload a desired image respectively in the pose, composition, and style reference section. If needed, users can choose the preferred aspect ratio of the output image. At last, simply click the "Create" button. There are three options for users to handle the generated image: add to albums, download, and delete.

openart ai disney character generator


100+ models and styles are provided

Give users 50 trial credits to explore all features

Allow users to create a character from scratch or a pre-made template

Support downloading and saving the generated raw image without watermark


Limited to 50 generations based on 4 basic models per day

Image upscaling and enhancement are only available in the paid version

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To enhance or edit the generated Disney characters, an AI-powered photo editor is recommended. AVCLabs PhotoPro AI is such a versatile software. It is equipped with multiple robust AI models, which can help users to upscale the image's resolution, enhance the face, convert the image's background to transparent, adjust the color, generate new objects to replace existing objects in the Disney character. Users are capable of enriching the content creation and getting high-quality results.

edit disney-character

Key Features of AVCLabs PhotoPro AI

  • Enhance photo quality with advanced technology.
  • Remove unwanted objects, people, watermarks.
  • Colorize B&W photos to make it come to life again.
  • Change the style of image to create unique look.
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  • Automatically replace existing objects in photos.
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RecommendedPart 4: FAQs about AI Disney Character Generators

Here are some frequently asked questions about AI Disney character generators. Just check them out.

Q: why do you need a Disney character generator?

A: A Disney character generator brings benefits to educators, Disney fans. Educators can enhance the learning experience of students using the Disney characters, and Disney fans can make the Disney characters as the profile of their social media platforms to attract more followers.

Q: How to make a Disney character in AI?

A: AI makes it easier to create Disney characters according to the typed words prompt or images.

Q: Can AI turn you into Disney characters?

A: Yes, AI can turn you into Disney characters. Upload a selfie or portrait to the AI Disney character generator and customize some settings like style, aspect ratio, resolution, AI will generate a captivate Disney character based on your imported photo.

Q: Can I use the generated Disney image for commercial?

A: No, the generated Disney images are available for personal use only. Disney owns the design. Individuals can not use Disney character images generated by A for commercial purposes.

Q: Can I fine tune the AI-generated Disney character?

A: Yes, users are allowed to fine tune the AI-generated Disney character. Getimg Disney Pixar AI Generator, LightX AI Disney Character Generator, VEED.io Disney Character Generator are built-in photo editors for users doing the basic editing job, such as increasing the resolution, cropping. AVCLabs PhotoPro AI facilitates users to enjoy advanced photo editing features.


AI Disney Character Generators make it possible to create personalized Disney characters in unique design. Utilizing the artificial intelligence technology, these tools enable users to achieve masterpiece with little efforts. Users do not have to manually edit the photos using the traditional and complex photo editing software. Disney characters are automatically generated at the fingertips. AVCLabs PhotoPro AI gives users more flexible options to refine the Disney characters. Just choose a preferred tool to make the imagination become a reality.

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