one click presets

One-Click Presets

The application presents an instinctive user interface that facilitates the manipulation of video playback speeds, catering to both acceleration and deceleration requirements. Enhancing user convenience, the tool integrates one-click presets tailored for common speed adjustments, including 2x, 1.5x, and 0.5x. These presets streamline the process of effecting desired changes, eliminating the need for intricate configurations.

Custom Video Speeds

In conjunction with the provided preset alternatives, the tool provides users with the flexibility to select from an array of pre-established playback speeds or manually adjust speed value, extending up to a maximum of 20 times the original video speed. As adjustments are made to the video speed, users have the capability to preview the modified content in real time, a feature that furnishes visual feedback to ascertain the attainment of the intended playback speed prior to finalizing any alterations.

custom video speed
supports multiple formats

Compatible with Any Format

Support multiple video formats including MP4, AVI, MPG, VOB, WMV, MOV and more, empowering you to effortlessly import, edit, and export your videos, audio files, and images without the need for time-consuming format conversions. Preserve the quality of your content and streamline your creative workflow.

Mute the Audio in Video Clip

To preserve the integrity of audio quality, the tool offers a function for muting audio. This feature guarantees that any alterations in video speed will not compromise the fidelity of the original audio, thus enabling the subsequent addition of audio at its standard pace.

mute audio

How to Change Video Speed

Step 1. Run Any Video Converter

Launch Any Video Converter, you will enter the main interface of Any Video Converter 8.0 as shown on the left.

Step 2. Select Change Speed Tool

On the main interface, select "Change Speed" under "Single Tools" section.

Step 3. Add a Video Clip

Click "Add Video(s)" or directly drag the video to the main interface of the tool.

Step 4. Adjust the Speed

You will have the option to adjust a slider, or choose from preset speed settings (e.g., 2x, 1.5x, 0.5x).

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Any Video Converter Change Video Speed Tool

Effortless Speed Up or Slow Down Any Videos in Seconds!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why would I want to change the speed of a video?

Adjusting video speed can serve various purposes, such as creating dramatic effects, enhancing storytelling, making tutorials more comprehensive, or simply altering the pace for better engagement.

2. How to speed up or slow down a video?

Any Video Converter provides speed changing function. You can access this option in the main interface and choose to speed up or slow down the playback speed according to your needs.

3. Are there presets for common speed adjustments?

Yes, many video editing tools offer preset speed adjustments like 2x, 1.5x, and 0.5x, making it easier to apply standard changes with a single click.

4. Is there a maximum limit to how much I can speed up or slow down a video?

Most tools have practical limits to prevent extreme distortions. However, typical limits might range from around 20x faster to 0.1x slower than the original speed.

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