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Top 13 MKV to MP4 Converters (Free and Paid)

You probably have come across a situation where you wanted to watch a video on your device, but it was saved in an MKV format. Or maybe you are planning to share a video with someone who does not have the software to play MKV files. In such cases, converting your video from MKV to MP4 can be the solution. In this article, we will explore why we need to convert MKV to MP4, present the top 13 MKV to MP4 video converters, and show you how to convert MKV to MP4 using Any Video Converter Free.

mkv to mp4 converter

problemPart 1: Why Do We Need to Convert MKV to MP4

The need to convert MKV files to MP4 arises from the fact that MKV, while superior in quality and capable of carrying multiple subtitles, audio tracks, and very high-definition content (like 4K), is not as widely accepted as MP4. MP4's universal compatibility makes it a preferred format for sharing and streaming on various devices, applications, and platforms. So, if you're dealing with a device or platform that can't handle MKV files, using a reliable MKV to MP4 converter will ensure your videos are playable and accessible to a wider audience.

problemPart 2: Comparing Between Different MKV to MP4 Video Converters

There are many dependable MKV to MP4 converters on the market, each offering unique features. We've curated a list of best MKV to MP4 converters for you. Before diving into the details, let's check out some basic information.

Program Platform Offline Version Watermark Download
Any Video Converter Windows/Mac Full Version No Free Download
VLC Media Player Windows/Mac/Linux Full Version No Read More
Freemake Video Converter Windows/Mac Free Trial Yes Read More
Handbrake Windows/Mac Full Version No Read More
AceThinker Video Master Windows Free Trial Yes Read More
Movavi Video Converter Windows/Mac Free Trial Yes Read More
Aicoosoft Video Converter Windows/Mac Free Trial Yes Read More
Prism Video Converter Windows Free Trial No Read More
AVS Video Converter Windows Free Trial Yes Read More
Avidemux Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD Full Version No Read More
CloudConvert Any / No Read More
FreeConvert Any / No Read More
Video Candy Any / No Read More

problemPart 3: Top 13 MKV to MP4 Converters (Free and Paid)

1. Any Video Converter

Any Video Converter is a versatile multimedia software that integrates more than 20 editing tools in a toolkit and the number of tools is still growing. It allows users to download, convert, record, compress, clip, crop, merge videos/audio, change playback speed, add subtitles, and create gifs, etc. The innovative part of the program is that it offers a workflow option, allowing users to combine different single tools to achieve diverse editing purposes. For example, if a user wants to convert a video first and then change the playback speed, simply join the two tools to streamline the process. There are endless possibilities for maximum output with this program.



Flexibility to apply a single tool or combine different tools for custom workflow

A magnitude of features

Most features are available with the free version

Support batch processing

Hardware acceleration


Compatibility with Win 10 and above

Workflow tool may be a little challenging for beginners

Verdict: Compared with other dedicated video converters, Any Video Converter is an all-in-one video editor with a wide array of tools. The free version can satisfy most video editing needs. The workflow tool is an added bonus.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is well-reputed for its capability to cope with different codecs and play videos of all formats with universal compatibility on Win, Mac, Linux, Android, and other operating systems. However, it also excels at converting media files between a variety of formats for easy playback. You can also preview the output during the conversion process.

vlc media player


The software is completely free

Work with all codecs and plays almost all videos

Support video deinterlacing and preview


No device-specific output options

Lack of customer support

Verdict: If you already own a VLC media player, you can use it for easy format conversion.

3. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is one of the most popular choices for converting video and audio files to your desired formats. It allows users to convert and edit videos, rip and burn DVDs, or create photo slideshows easily with a beginner-friendly interface.

freemake video converter


A variety of source and destination formats including DVD

Offer presets for output

Flexible pricing option including a family pack


Only one video can be processed for free users

With a watermark for trial users

Verdict: It used to be a free program and had many happy users with its dumb-easy interface, now it only allows one video for trial and the output has a watermark. With a relatively cheap price, it is still a good choice to go if you want to convert your videos and audio easily.

4. Handbrake

Built by a volunteer, Handbrake is an open-source non-profit website to transcode video and audio files between a variety of formats. There are many available presets that let you choose the output conveniently based on the device model, or choose a universal profile for standard or high-quality conversions. You can also dive into advanced settings to tweak your encodes. It recognizes most common file types including propriety-free DVD or BluRay files.



A free software

Multiple video filters: deinterlacing, denoise, detelecine, deblock, grayscale, colourspace, cropping and scaling

Preview feature to check your settings


Does not support merging multiple clips into one

Cannot create Blu-ray, AVCHD, or DVD discs

The interface seems a little out-of-date

Verdict: Though a free program, it is an easy-to-use converter with device presets. Suitable for beginners and those looking for free programs. But since it is an open-source program, it always comes with some glitches that need to be improved. For some long videos, the speed is really slow.

5. AceThinker Video Master

AceThinker Video Master is a powerful multimedia tool that allows users to download, convert, record videos or even make MVs. The program supports flexible video playback and allows you to take screen captures at any time during playback.

acethinker video converter


Easy-to-use interface

Multiple video editing options including trimming, merging, speed changing, audio insertion or removal, compressing

Hardware acceleration


Do not support DVD

With a watermark in trial mode

Free users can only convert 5 minutes

Verdict: While it greets users with a friendly interface, it does not support DVD as the source file. Besides, it is a bit pricey compared to other free programs that offer the same features.

6. Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter is a professional format conversion tool that works with video, audio, images and DVDs. User can also compress, trim, rotate, adjust color or add effects to their videos. The unique part of the software is that it offers users the option to upscale video quality with AI, but this feature requires demanding computer software and a considerably long time.

movavi video converter


Powerful video compression technology with a slider to adjust output size

AI upscaling feature


Does not support the DVD conversion

Cannot download videos from the Internet

Verdict: Movavi Video Converter is most praised for its quick video conversion by many users. But it lacks the DVD conversion and video download features.

7. Aicoosoft Video Converter

Aicoosoft Video Converter is a comprehensive video converter platform that allows users to record, edit, download, and convert videos. It supports a wide range of formats, including MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and more. With excellent video editing capability, the software is ideal for home video creators, photographers, movie enthusiasts, YouTubers, influencers, students, and teachers.

aicoosoft video converter


Wide Format Support

An all-in-one video editor, downloader, compressor, recorder, etc.

With GPU acceleration to increase the conversion speed


With some ads

Without a video player

Verdict: This software has all the essential features of a video converter, and but it is resource-intensive during the conversion process.

8. Prism Video Converter

Featuring a low-key interface, Prism Video Converter is a simple and easy-to-use video converter that supports all popular video formats and works perfectly with various modern gadgets. The program allows you to add a watermark to identify your ownership. A free version is available but supports fewer decoding formats.

prism video converter


Allow simple editing before conversion such as trimming, cropping, rotation, etc

A preview before conversion to make sure all settings are affected


No GPU acceleration

Cannot merge video file

Verdict: There are excessive download links embedded on the website, which may result in downloading the software with an accidental click. The conversion speed for 4K video is not satisfactory.

9. AVS Video Converter

Designed with easy navigation, AVS Video Converter lets users convert videos to a variety of formats that are device-compatible or optimized for sharing on popular websites including YouTube, Vimeo, and Dropbox. It is equipped with hardware acceleration to deliver fast results whether you have a dedicated GPU, Intel GPU, or other old AMD processors. The Command Line Mode can automate your workflow without having to click the button.

avs video converter


Intuitive interface with tips and hints

Can convert videos for sharing on the website

Convert from to Blu-ray or DVD formats

Batch processing available


Watermark on the output video for the free version

With only the Windows version

Do not support other multimedia formats, such as audio, images, etc

One license for one computer only and not transferable

Verdict: As a simple yet powerful video conversion tool for Windows, it can automate the conversion process using command line mode.

10. Avidemux

Avidemux is a free and open-source program for video processing and editing. It supports non-linear video editing, applying visual effects to video, and transcoding video into various formats. Users can also use this program to add audio streams to a video or extra audio streams from a video. While it is primarily a GUI program, Avidemux can also be run from the command line.



Free and open-source program

With advanced filtering, processing, editing, and filtering controls

Support adding subtitles


Weak support for modern open formats, like Opus, WebM, VP8, VP9 and AV1

Verdict: Tasks can be automated using projects, job queues and powerful scripting capability, but this feature may be a little difficult for beginnings.

11. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a one-stop online format converter for not just video files, but also a variety of other file types, such as audio, ebooks, images, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. When converting mkv to mp4 files, you can set video and audio parameters in the Options menu according to your own requirements. The file can be uploaded from a local computer, URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive.



Easy website navigation

No file size limit for paid users

With a website-capturing feature

Support batch conversions

Provide API service


Need to buy credit for conversions

Verdict: The online tool is almost as versatile as a desktop program can be but it is not free. Suitable for those who do not want to download an application.

12. FreeConvert

FreeConvert provides safe and high-quality MKV to MP4 conversion online. You can convert videos, images, audio files, and books. There is also an optional Advanced Settings if you want to customize your video parameters. As an online converter, it can work on Windows, Mac, Linux, or any mobile device. All major browsers are supported.  256-bit SSL encryption is employed to guarantee file safety when transferring. Add files locally or from Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.



Batch processing up to 20 video files

Offer API service


File size limit varying from 1G to 9G depending on the purchased plan

Heavy ads on the website

Verdict: While the site has some ads, you can enjoy 25 free conversions per day. It even has a trim feature to convert only the needed parts. Other more complex editing features are missing.

13. Video Candy

Video Candy is a convenient platform that offers users a set of tools including video converter, video compressor, trimmer, screen recorder, slideshow maker, etc. Compared with other online tools, the conversion is even simpler. You just need to upload the video and that’s all. The website will automatically start to convert the uploaded file without interruption. After conversion, users can either download the converted file or continue editing by choosing an editing tool from the tool list provided.



A highly streamlined conversion process

Completely free tool and ads-free

Can continue to edit the video after conversion


Lack of customization options such as bitrate, framerate, etc.

Relatively longer time to convert the file

Verdict: Although a free video converter website, it is not plagued with ads. But the conversion is somewhat simple, with no customization options.

RecommendedPart 4: Sample Guide to Convert MKV to MP4 via Any Video Converter Free

Below are steps of converting MKV to MP4 format easily and quickly with Any Video Converter Free.

Step 1
Download and launch the program
open any video converter free
Step 2
Choose the Format Convert tool
format convert tool
Step 3
Import the MKV file and configure output parameters
output settings
Step 4
Start converting the video to your desired format

Now, click on the Start button to start converting the MKV to MP4 file.

start converting videos


Converting your videos from MKV to MP4 can open up a world of possibilities, making them accessible on various devices, platforms, and applications. With the help of reliable conversion software, you can enjoy your videos without worrying about compatibility issues. Ultimately, the choice of which converter to use depends on your specific needs.

Try Any Video Converter to edit your videos with ease!